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My most recent missionary journey began in December of 2013 when the GOAL Board of Directors accepted an invitation of the counseling department of Uganda Christian University to partner with them for a yearlong Alcohol and Other Drug Community Awareness program. So once again I trusted that God would make it happen if we prayed, planned, and prepared.
them for a yearlong Alcohol and Other Drug Community Awareness program. So once again I trusted that God would make it happen if we prayed, planned, and prepared.

First, I invited my church and selected individuals to be my prayer partners. Next, I solicited individuals, clergy friends, and foundations for funds, recruited a teammate (Amy Sechrist), planned and executed fund raising events, and ordered and collected the educational resources needed. Many skype calls between the UCU team and our team occurred during the spring and summer months. Thousands of hours and eight months later we were ready to make our journey.

Our mission journey officially occurred from September 6-27th, 2014 when our GOAL team helped launch the Uganda Drug Free campaign in Mukono, Uganda , planted the seeds of an alcohol and drug policy for the Uganda Christian University campus of over 7,000 students, set up a resource center at the counseling center, and taught 40 hours of workshops for addiction counseling certification to 60 participants.

Amy went home and I flew to Nairobi, Kenya to attend the annual meeting with the newly formed USAWA_GOAL Network and launched the Tree of Life, Grace of God and Addiction Recovery book,  to help with continued training of clergy and sustainability of community-based prevention in that African country.

Then back home to follow up and evaluate with a grateful heart.


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My Son is Dead

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His first-born son, Vincent. Dead. Pastor Francis, his father,  instead of celebrating Christ's  birth is grieving and mourning the loss of his own son this year. The Kenyan police shot his son with five bullets.

Why did the police shoot his son? He was just riding his motor bike to the local Nakumart to buy groceries. The police had been tipped off that a group on young people on motor bikes were terrorizing the neighborhood. They shot Vincent as he happened to be riding by. They needed a scapegoat.

In Jerusalem, too, the local authorities needed a scapegoat so they crucified  Jesus. Pastor Francis' only comfort is knowing that Vincent is now with Jesus in Paradise.


Patience - Still under construction

So goes this site; so goes my journey through life. I am who I am because God is. My life is ordinary by human standards but many extraordinary events - yes, even miracles - have occurred since I started to trust God. I have developed this website so that all may know that if you trust God your life's journey will be a ride you will not want to miss.


Healing for my Heart & Lungs

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Hurrah! Less medicines instead of more. What a novel idea! No need for open heart surgery. No need for inhalers. My diagnoses of PVCs and COPD no more. Through prayer and anointing with oil at healing services, I can not only breathe but I can lead an active lifestyle. Thanks be to our great physician, Jesus Christ.



Healing Hope For Bruised Souls

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Announcing revised church training manual.
Can be downloaded from Amazon in e-book format.

Contact for scheduling your church's training.

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