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My Son is Dead

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His first-born son, Vincent. Dead. Pastor Francis, his father,  instead of celebrating Christ's  birth is grieving and mourning the loss of his own son this year. The Kenyan police shot his son with five bullets.

Why did the police shoot his son? He was just riding his motor bike to the local Nakumart to buy groceries. The police had been tipped off that a group on young people on motor bikes were terrorizing the neighborhood. They shot Vincent as he happened to be riding by. They needed a scapegoat.

In Jerusalem, too, the local authorities needed a scapegoat so they crucified  Jesus. Pastor Francis' only comfort is knowing that Vincent is now with Jesus in Paradise.


Healing for my Heart & Lungs

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Hurrah! Less medicines instead of more. What a novel idea! No need for open heart surgery. No need for inhalers. My diagnoses of PVCs and COPD no more. Through prayer and anointing with oil at healing services, I can not only breathe but I can lead an active lifestyle. Thanks be to our great physician, Jesus Christ.



Healing Hope For Bruised Souls

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Announcing revised church training manual.
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Patience - Still under construction

So goes this site; so goes my journey through life. I am who I am because God is. My life is ordinary by human standards but many extraordinary events - yes, even miracles - have occurred since I started to trust God. I have developed this website so that all may know that if you trust God your life's journey will be a ride you will not want to miss.


Worry or Trust

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"Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God" (Ps 20:7)

To trust or to worry that is the conundrum.  I am a natural born worrier and wake up most mornings concerned about something or someone - until I commit the day to the Lord.  So for me to  trust that God will make all things right if I surrender to His will has been and still is a daily challenge. I'm a natural born fixer, doer and  can be counted on in a crisis.  So God has had to teach me day by day, situation after situation, to depend more and more on Him.


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